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Here's what some of our clients are saying about us!

"We had a quick consultation service from Kathie regarding our Stock option, and Kathie was very knowledgeable and friendly to explain all the options we have. They were very quick to respond to our email and addressed the issue concisely. I highly recommend Kathie and the team for any tax related services!"

Soo N.

"These guys are legit.

I emailed Kathie after reading all the awesome reviews here about getting some help with my 2015 return. Yeah, it's cutting it a bit close, and yeah, I may be in a bit of a panic, but Kathie responded to my email really quickly, and said she and the team would do their best to fit me in, so the next step was to call up Irene and get the ball rolling.

I only spoke with Irene over the phone, but her bubbly, warm personality put me at ease. She explained how things worked and what I needed to do to get things started. I needed to upload my previous year's tax return so they could wrap their heads around our family's tax situation, and literally within 10 minutes of doing that, Irene called me saying that their minimum fee wouldn't be worth it for our current tax situation. I was taken aback (in a good way!), and relieved, and she very kindly gave me recommendations for other services that would make more sense for our situation.

So while the team didn't actually prepare my taxes, their customer service and kindness blew me away. Should my tax situation ever become more complicated, CTS will be my first call."

Carrie F.

"This is our 2nd year filing taxes with Complete Tax Solutions, a well-oiled machine with Kathie at the helm, Alex the tax accountant and Irene the office manager. I had been doing taxes myself for the last 18 years, but finally threw in the towel. Here is why I give them a high rating:

1. Efficient and accurate: Irene is the logistics lady. She is a sweet but no-nonsense gal who will set up your web-portal for uploading documents, set up your appointment, and generally usher things along. Alex is the brawn; he will convert dozens of files and papers into tax schedules and come back to you with questions and clarifications. He is very knowledgeable, and your day-to-day go-to guy.

2. Sound advice: If you are expecting a bespectacled meek tax person, go somewhere else. Kathie, the boss, is full of opinions, and if you ask, she will tell you what she thinks. This to me, is a positive, because I don't want my tax person beating around the bush. While she has a few investment related services, I have never felt pressured to use them. Her advice encompasses the full range of ways in which we could end up in a better place financially (this year the focus of the conversation was real-estate, which in general does give me an ulcer, but that's my own issue)

3. Year long support: Last year, on a few occasions, I needed some input on my estimated taxes, and needed some advice on a tax event that occurred mid-year. Alex was 100% on it and I got clarity on what I needed. In general when you file with them, the year long support is included both for the previous year as well as for the future.

So to summarize, when you work with them, you can expect:

  • Efficient all encompassing tax work.
  • Sound advisory services
  • Year long support

In terms of costs, we have a tedious tax form, involving international forms, wages, business income, stock etc. At about 8 to 10X of TurboTax it does feel steep, but honestly, I am way over it, relative to the peace of mind and personal time saved. Also, for most folks who don't have international component to their tax, your costs will likely be lower, because they charge based on the number of schedules they have to fill.

I plan to use them again next year."

Rish S.

"It's been a pleasure to work with Kathie and the rest of the team at Complete Tax Solutions. They are always friendly, respond quickly, and explain complex tax matters clearly. Their year-round service is really great as well."

Greg C.

"I met recently with Kathie for a tax consultation as I had some concern of the complexity of my 2015 taxes and intended to have her firm do my taxes this year (I've always done them myself). She listened to my situation and alleviated my concerns, clearly explaining what changes I would need to make for this year, should I want to do them myself. This essentially ended up being a free consult and saved me quite a bit of money. Great customer service. Of course, when my taxes get even more complex (or I decide I'm too lazy to do them myself), Kathie will get my business!"

Christopher P.

"The team at Complete Tax Solutions is knowledgeable, conscientious and personable. I rely on them for my financial advice and tax preparation. I recommend them highly."

Hal I.

"We've worked closely with Kathie for more than a decade, and she has taken great care of us. We've worked with her on both tax as well as financial planning, and she's not steered us wrong yet. She's also been very helpful in advising us on the ins and outs of running a small business, as my wife now does."

Chris I.

"I started working with Kathie and Alex back in 2012 (for tax year 2011) and have been back every year since. Each year my tax situation has gotten more complex, as have my questions. But, Kathie and Alex haven't batted an eye and have helped me make good decisions, especially regarding stock options.

Their responsiveness to questions is excellence, as is their thoroughness, professionalism, and candor. The result is that tax preparation time is straightforward and without surprises."

Jeff R.

"My wife and myself have been working with them since 2013 and our financial life got better since we started working with Kathy, Alex and Irene.

They have helped us put our taxes in order very effectively and efficiently. I never expected for taxes to be fun, and they are not, but when you talk to Kathy it is always fun. Taxes take forever to complete, Alex is always on it,to the degree that make us move things faster than we would do otherwise.

In addition we work with them in evolving our finances to achieve our goals, and their consultation is invaluable. I have spend money and a lot of time with other advisors and felt like waste of time.

Kathy is so knowledgeable and makes every conversion very relevant to you and your particular situation, make every single moment worth it.

I am working on the services business and I can guarantee that the service you will get in Complete Tax Solutions will be outstanding, 100% focused on your needs, and you will have a great time doing it!"

Lefteris G.

"Kathie is the BEST. We originally came to her a couple of years ago while in the midst of some international tax confusion (my husband and I had been working abroad and had just relocated back to the Bay Area). Instead of just taking our money to start from the beginning and work it out herself, Kathie sent us away with clear instructions about what we should say to our previous tax preparers to get the issues resolved more quickly. She was exactly right and we LOVED that she gave us good advice even though it meant she didn't get that work up front. When we were driving away from the office on that visit we agreed that we'd be going back to her for tax prep the following year, which is exactly what we did. In the time since, I've also started a business and Kathie has provided excellent advice about the best way to go about that tax-wise. I really can't say enough good things about her! Kathie, Alex, and Irene are all consummate professionals, as well as personable and interesting people. Is it possible to look forward to doing taxes?? With Complete Tax Solutions it is!"

Angela G

"We found Kathie through Yelp and cannot be happier with her knowledge and services. She is so easy to work with, always positive, always able to share the latest tax news and tips in simple English. She's got a good sense of humor too.

Her office takes tax prep (what we hired her for) very seriously. She and Alex (who we just learned is getting certified to become an Enrolled Agent) are super thorough. They don't miss a detail. They organize and record tax data in a way that if we ever get audited, it's easy to explain what each number came from - peace of mind working with her. We also appreciate her year-end analysis and tax tips so that we can plan for the next tax year. Kathie is leading an office that is very tech driven. For example, all file exchanges are on secured portals, which is such a time saver for busy professionals and family people. We love it.

Overall, Kathie and her office has provided the best tax services we have had (and believe me, we have tried quite a few over the years). We wont' be hesitant to have her do our tax again next year, and hopefully get another few refund checks too."

Susie W.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Kathie today for a tax consultation and it was a great experience to speak with someone who is so knowledgeable and experienced. She was interested and willing to hear my questions and provided me with thorough advice and the pros/cons of each option.

The office has a beautiful view with lots of light. Kathie's staff is professional and courteous and I felt welcomed. Most importantly, I appreciated hearing complicated matters explained in a way that I could understand. Accounting and tax law can be really confusing and it was important for me to find a person who could come down to my level while explaining the information.

I highly recommend giving Kathie a try. You can schedule a consultation with her over phone or through the website above."

Mike P.

"I had a complex tax question and spoke to Kathy whom helped me right over the phone. She took her time answering my questions with no obligations which displayed true professionalism. I would definitely use her as my tax accountant!"

Minh H.

"Kathie has been doing my taxes and financial services for over 5 years! She is an excellent Enrolled Agent (CPA) & Financial Planner.

Kathie truly looks out for her client's best interest based on your unique situation. She is 100% honest and is extremely intelligent. Not only does she file our taxes annually but she is there for support 365 days a year whether I need to ask her about my tax withholdings, opening a business, 401K info, whatever the questions is, she's there to provide support.

Her staff is very friendly and supportive, thank you Irene & Alex.

I wouldn't trust anyone else with our family's financials/taxes.

Thanks CTS!"

Angela S.

"Kathie has been doing our taxes and investments for many years now and we couldn't be more satisfied with her work and advice. When we first consulted with Kathie, we were impressed with how knowledgeable and experienced she was. Any complex tax questions we had, she was able to answer while breaking down the information so it isn't as complex. As far as our investments, let's say we saw gains even during market's downward trends since Kathie started managing our portfolios.

We fully trust Kathie and felt a yelp review was more than overdue.

Please give Kathie and CTS a shot. You'll be more than impressed."

Basil S.

"We have been working with Complete Tax Solutions during the past year. What a difference a year makes! With the help of Kathie and her staff, she has guided us through the latest technology tools available like Quick Books Online in order to have our accounts under control at any time and for us to be self-sufficient. Kathie knows her stuff and has optimized our financial situation at a crucial time in both our business and personal lives. We highly recommend her services and are grateful for the piece of mind she has brought us."

Divina T.

"For more than 10 years, my husband & I have trusted Kathie with obtaining every dime we are due on our tax returns each year and for her solid financial advice. Our portfolio is above the benchmark most of the time. Kathie recommends that we meet a few times throughout the year to see if we need to make any adjustments, taking into account for personal changes and/or the market as a whole. You'll find her to be an excellent teacher and is very patient. It is important to her to make sure that YOU understand your investment options and to help you make the best decisions for you as an individual. Thanks Kathie for the extra mile that you go for your clients. See ya in December!"

Wendy Q.

"Looking for someone to do your taxes? Look no further! Kathie Muhler is conveniently located in Burlingame right off of 101. You get a great view to boot when you meet in her office! She accommodates all of us working stiffs by having Saturday appointments, which helps me out immensely.

I've been going to her for years, and she's right on with my taxes and provides sound financial advice for both the personal and the business side of taxes.

She handles books for small businesses as well. If you choose Complete Tax Solutions, you'll find a tax preparer who is professional, friendly and extremely capable. She gets a good amount of clients through word of mouth as well as through traditional advertising. And last, but not least, she's an EA (enrolled agent) so she can represent you if you ever get audited."

Melinda S.

"Recently I called Complete Tax Solutions and spoke to Kathy. I had a few tax questions and had planned to make an appointment however Kathy answered all my questions over the phone. I had called another accountant (who has very high ratings on yelp) and he did not really know the answers to my questions and quoted a price of $200 to come in and talk to him! Kathy was very friendly, helpful and gave me honest advice. If I ever need tax advice, I won't hesitate to call Kathy (and pay this time!)."

Remy H.

"Words cannot express how lucky I am to have found Kathie Muler,an AWESOME EA!!! She resolved my 2010 tax matter in two weeks!!! And Irene's patience, understanding and follow through is an invaluable! I can't wait for my 2012 tax preparations and dive into some financial planning!"

Sophia H.