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Small Business Services

Complete Tax Solutions, Inc offers multi-faceted solutions to bring order and clarity to small business finances. No matter what type of support your business requires, we'll design a customized package of services that will keep your finances organized, current, and accurate.

Accounting Advisory

We help advise businesses and individual with their accounting needs.

QuickBooks™ Online

Our QuickBooks services include initial setup, answering questions, providing useful tips, and cleaning up your data file.

Technology Accounting

Whether you own a new tech start-up or an established technology company, we'll ensure that your financial data is being tracked accurately by overseeing all your accounting processes.

Dental Accounting

Outsourcing your dental practice accounting functions to tax advisors that are familiar with your industry offers you more time with patients and less back-office responsibilities.

Accounting for Attorneys

No matter what size legal practice they own, it doesn't make financial sense for attorneys to handle their own accounting.

Discover how Complete Tax Solutions, Inc's can help your small business. Give us a call at 650-684-0800 or request a free initial consultation now to learn more.