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"Americans pay more in taxes than for housing, food, and clothes combined." - MarketWatch, April 18, 2016


Tax Services

Tax Services

Complete Tax Solutions, Inc offers small businesses, corporations, LLCs, nonprofits, partnerships, trusts, families, and individuals a variety of tax services, ranging from complex tax return preparation to tax planning and saving strategies.

Employee Stock Options

Employee Stock Options

We assist high net worth individuals with employee stock option strategies, tax planning for selling, and investing for diversification of ISO, RSU, ESPP, and NQ option programs.

About Us

About Us

We are qualified and experienced income tax experts that take pride in making our clients' financial welfare our number one priority - and we love what we do!

Income Tax Experts in Burlingame, CA

We have developed a unique virtual system that makes it quick and easy to file your taxes. Whether you live overseas, or simply prefer to work remotely, you will find our services are the right fit. We provide the same level of service online that you would receive sitting in our office, and we utilize the most secure methods in transmitting your private information.

Our 200+ satisfied clients count on us throughout the year, not just at tax time. They rely on our experience as tax consultants, our approach, and our ongoing relationships. We look forward to serving your tax needs today. We offer year long tax planning, emails, phone calls, and meetings to current clients at no additional charge.

Individual Tax Returns

We provide individual US tax preparation with the personalization that software packages can't. We keep up-to-date with the changing tax laws as well as your changing life events - such as a new business, new home, or new family member. Whether you're tired of filing taxes on your own, or you're feeling like just a number at your CPA firm, we can help. Individual clients benefit from our proactive tax planning and professional tax preparation services. We'll accurately calculate your income taxes and file them promptly so you get your tax refund back quickly.

Save Time

Filing your own taxes can be quite a challenge: from maximizing your deductions to minimizing your tax liability. Filing your taxes also requires a large investment of time on top of your busy work week. Are you willing to sacrifice your weekends sorting receipts and crunching numbers? We prepare tax returns year-round in order to keep up-to-date with the changing tax laws.

Smarter than software

Sure, there are software packages that claim to help you through the use of interviews and interactive menus, but you still need a strong understanding of the tax rules that apply to you in order to use them properly. Furthermore, a computerized script cannot "detect" an issue in your tax situation. As federally licensed Enrolled Agents (EA), we are experts in the the field of taxation. We are authorized by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should a tax issue arise.

If you have questions, we have solutions! Request a free consultation from our tax advisors now or call 650-684-0800 today to learn more.


Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

"We've worked closely with Kathie for more than a decade, and she has taken great care of us. We've worked with her on both tax as well as financial planning, and she's not steered us wrong yet. She's also been very helpful in advising us on the ins and outs of running a small business, as my wife now does."

Chris I.

"We had a quick consultation service from Kathie regarding our Stock option, and Kathie was very knowledgeable and friendly to explain all the options we have. They were very quick to respond to our email and addressed the issue concisely. I highly recommend Kathie and the team for any tax related services!"

Soo N.

"Words cannot express how lucky I am to have found Kathie Muler,an AWESOME EA! She resolved my 2010 tax matter in two weeks! And Irene's patience, understanding and follow through is an invaluable! I can't wait for my 2012 tax preparations and dive into some financial planning!"

Sophia H.